In 2015, I had a short story published called “The Other-Faced Lamb” in Aurealis – The Australian Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, about a young girl living in a cult, who begins to question the truth of the strange world around her.

Writing it felt like a dark chaotic dream, and I remember that my face hurt after every writing session, because I literally spent hours grimacing at my keyboard with how intently I was concentrating.

A year later, I had the opportunity to come back to the story, as part of Film Vic’s Catapult program, and I realised I still had more I wanted to say. I knew it probably wasn’t the most ‘commercial’ script, but I couldn’t get it out of my head.

So this year, it has been utterly wonderful and unexpected to have other people respond to this story that has lived in my head alone for so long. After tireless efforts to get it out there by my managers Krista Carpenter and Chris Deckard, and my agents RGM, THE OTHER LAMB has been listed on THE HIT LIST, THE BLOOD LIST, and to cap off an amazing run, THE BLACK LIST, Hollywood’s list of ‘Best Liked’ unproduced scripts. It has now been optioned by Rumble Films, who produced DRIVE, WHIPLASH and NIGHTCRAWLER, and I am so happy it’s found a home.

To anyone else out there tossing up which script / book / story / piece to write next – write the one that makes you feel uncomfortable. That makes your face hurt after writing it. Sometimes writing isn’t a glamorous calling, it’s just a job, but there are rare moments that shine through, where you’re allowed to let your voice out.