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Nightmare Magazine - September 2013SFRevu has published a very nice review of September’s issue of Nightmare Magazine. Reviewer Sam Tomaino says that The Nest is ‘a very well-told tale’, and ‘one of the best stories I’ve read on this site all year.’

It always gives authors a little buzz to read something nice about their work, especially when being compared to the kind of talented authors that are featured in Nightmare!

The full review is available here.



I’m a few months late seeing this, but just pretend that I posted this in July! But over at her blog, Tess Grantham has posted a lovely review of ‘Monday-child’. She says:

Every now and then I read a short story I love so much that I have to share. C. S. McMullen’s Monday-child is at once creepy and intoxicating….

I devoured every work of McMullen’s subtle style, which builds slowly yet relentlessly to an horrific conclusion and left me wishing for more. 

You can read the full review over at Tess’s blog here. She has some really great sites for new and emerging writers on her resources page as well, so definitely check her site out!

Terry Weyna over at Fantasy Literature, has reviewed September’s issue of Nightmare Magazine, as part of her ‘Horrible Magazine Monday’ series of reviews. She says:

The best story in this issue is C.S. McMullen’s “The Nest,” the first publication for this story. It made my skin crawl, in all the best ways….

The story reminded me of George R.R. Martin’s “Sandkings,” though it is also entirely its own tale. It is very creepy.

When I’m writing horror, there’s nothing nicer than being called ‘creepy’! And ‘Sandkings’ was one of the first things of George’s that I ever read, and remains one of my favourites.

If you haven’t read The Nest yet, check it out for free at Nightmare Magazine here.

Nightmare Magazine - September 2013

I’m very excited to announce that my horror short story ‘The Nest‘ has just been published in September’s issue of Nightmare Magazine, edited by editor-extraordinare John Joeseph Adams.

‘The Nest’ grew out of a brief obsession I had with how I could build an ants nest in an old CRT TV set. While I didn’t end up building the ants nest (it would have taken up half my garage), I ended up with a lot of useless knowledge about ants and their nests in my head, and this short story is the result.

It can be read here for free, and there’s lots of other great horror short stories at as well, if anyone is interested in checking them out.

I’ve just published a guest blog post for the site Reading For Australia, which is a an initiative of the Kids’ Lit Quiz competition. They’ve had some great guest bloggers, and their supporters reads like a list of the best writers working in Australia today, so I was very happy to contribute.

As part of my full-time job at Matchbox Pictures, I helped out on one of the shows that we are producing, Nowhere Boys, a kids show for ABC3. It’s about four mismatched teenage boys who return from a school trip, only to discover that they have come back to an alternate world where they no longer exist because they’d never been born.

The post is aimed at younger readers, and examines some of the main differences between writing for television, and writing a book. It’s available on the Reading For Australia website here.

Work For Free at Pax Australia

Along with my passion for writing, one of my other obsessions is gaming and gaming-culture. (Yes, I am an all-round nerd.)

When I was over in the US a few years ago, I worked as an Enforcer (basically a fancy Penny Arcade term for a volunteer) at PAX Prime, and have always wanted to volunteer at a PAX again. So when PAX Australia was announced, I immediately applied to be an Enforcer at the new Australian version.

Since then, a couple of people have asked me why I would volunteer, and spend half my time at PAX Australia working for free, instead of playing demos and listening to panels.

To try and explain why it’s just as much fun (if not more so) to volunteer as it is to attend, I’ve written an article for Non Fiction Gaming, about Enforcing, Penny Arcade culture and PAX. Go read it here!

They’ve also got some great reviews and give-aways, so don’t forget to Like Non Fiction Gaming on Facebook if you’re into gaming news and culture.

Issue #57 of Aurealis has received a good review by Louis West over at Tangent Online, in their e-Market monthy review. He says that the issue contains ‘a mind-bending pair of stories… a pleasure to read.’ You can read the full review of the issue over at their website here.




CSMPic1-300x278I was recently interviewed by Dan Allan in Dark Matter Magazine, about my new story ‘Monday-child’ in Aurealis.

It was a pretty wide-ranging interview, covering my inspiration for the story, my writing process and some literary heroes.

If you’re interested, go check it out here.



My fantasy short story ‘Monday-child’ has just been published in Issue #57 of Aurealis Magazine, which is their first issue of 2013!

Edited by Dirk Strasser, it also features fiction by  Daniel Baker, and an interview by Crisetta Macleod with David Dufty about robotics – it’s a great issue, and not just because my story is in it!

I’m particularly excited about being published in Aurealis for sentimental reasons – not only is it  an institution of Australian science-fiction and fantasy, but they published some of my Dad’s first stories as well.

The issue table of contents is on the Aurealis website is here, and you can buy the ePub through the Smashwords website for issue for $2.99 here.