THE OTHER LAMB (Feature, horror)

  • 2017 BLACK LIST
  • 2017 HIT LIST
  • 2017 BLOOD LIST
  • Optioned by Rumble Films (DRIVE, NIGHTCRAWLER, WHIPLASH)

AWAKE (Pilot, sci-fi / thriller)

  • Winner, John Hinde Award 2017 for Unproduced Science Fiction Script, Australian Writers’ Guild
  • Received development investment from Scripted Ink

DRIVEN (Feature, sci-fi / thriller)

  • Semifinalist, 2016 Academy Nicholls Fellowships
  • Finalist, ‘Thriller/Horror” Category, 2016 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
  • Nomination – Lorne Film Festival’s $10,000 Screenwriter Award

LIVING METAL (Pilot, sci-fi) 

  • Winner – 2016 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award, International Emmys
  • Finalist – 2015 Monte Miller Award for ‘Best Unproduced Screenplay’ 
  • Finalist – Australian Writers’ Guild ‘Think Inside The Box’ TV Writing Competition 2015
  • Finalist – Australian Writers’ Guild ‘What Happens Next’ Competition 2015

Short Stories

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“Monday-child” in Aurealis Magazine Feb 2013 (ed. Dirk Strasser)

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