Living Metal, a spec TV pilot that I wrote, has been chosen as one of the shortlisted Top 6 finalists for the Australian Writers’ Guild ‘What Happens Next?’ Competition.

According to the AWG, “241 entrants submitted a synopsis, the first few pages of the script and an explanation of how the story concept could be developed, from which the judges first chose a “long list” of 18, then a shortlist of six entries that had the greatest potential for leaving the audience eager to know ‘What Happens Next?'”

Very, very happy to have got so far, especially seeing as the competition was open to professional AWG accredited writers as well. Huge congratulations to the winners, Rebecca Johnstone and Katie Pollock.

Big thanks to everyone who has read it and given me feedback. Writers are only as good as the people who can tell them “Catherine, you really need to use fewer bloody commas,” and I’m very lucky to have a lot of generous people who have given me their time and opinions!