Work For Free at Pax Australia

Along with my passion for writing, one of my other obsessions is gaming and gaming-culture. (Yes, I am an all-round nerd.)

When I was over in the US a few years ago, I worked as an Enforcer (basically a fancy Penny Arcade term for a volunteer) at PAX Prime, and have always wanted to volunteer at a PAX again. So when PAX Australia was announced, I immediately applied to be an Enforcer at the new Australian version.

Since then, a couple of people have asked me why I would volunteer, and spend half my time at PAX Australia working for free, instead of playing demos and listening to panels.

To try and explain why it’s just as much fun (if not more so) to volunteer as it is to attend, I’ve written an article for Non Fiction Gaming, about Enforcing, Penny Arcade culture and PAX. Go read it here!

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